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Gold Coast

Reunion Groups

What is a Reunion Group?
The Emmaus Group Reunion is a small group of two – 12 persons who have usually participated in a 3 day Walk to Emmaus and who want to continue their pursuit of a life lived wholly in the grace of God. These small follow-up groups help Pilgrims translate the message conveyed on the Walk to Emmaus weekend into a daily walk with Christ.
With the regular support of a few faithful friends, the gift of God’s love in Jesus Christ becomes a lifestyle of Christian discipleship through the threefold disciplines of piety, study and action.
Group reunions meet at regular times, usually weekly for an hour. The meeting consists of sharing stories of your walk with Christ during the past week. Members listen to one another, celebrate the grace of God in each person’s life, and reinforce each one’s core commitment to living in union with Christ in all facets of daily life. Members enforce that commitment through gentle accountability, encouragement and support to one’s stated discipline and plans.
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